Buying Guide

Step 1. Find A Section
There are a few things to consider relating to a section that may affect or restrict the type of home you wish to build eg, soil stability, zoning, land contours, building convenants.

Step 2. Choose A Plan
Select a home which suits your taste, purpose and budget. Ensure your chosen design will fit on your site. We can help with this, so please give us a call.

Step 3. Order Your Home
Contact your local FDK team for a quote.

Step 4. We Send You Your Plans
Once you receive your plans you can then use them to obtain quotes from the various subcontractors. Have site plans drawn. Submit plans to council.

Step 5. You Make Your Colour Selection
Complete Colour Selections: Roof Brick (if applicable) Aluminium joinery Kitchen cupboards (Melteca) Kitchen benchtop (Formica) Make a date for delivery.

Step 6. We Can Then Order Your Home
Payments are due prior to all deliveries and an account is sent to you advising all details.

Step 7. First Delivery
Delivered to your site on date to suit framing, cladding, roofing, joinery etc to lock-up stage.

Step 8. Second Delivery
Interior finishing materials as per Schedule of Materials
We look forward to working with you in creating your dream.